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The House

YOUR PATH Recovery Living Rules

As a resident, Member understands and agrees to the following community (“Community Rules”)

1. Zero tolerance policy Regarding Use of Drugs and Alcohol.

Members agree to remain clean and sober at all times and shall refrain from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs for which the resident does not have a valid prescription.

Any violation of this rule will result in immediate termination.

2. Members agree to practice the 12 steps of recovery with an approved sponsor.

3. Member agrees to abide by curfew: 10 pm Sunday – Thursday / 11 pm Friday and Saturday

4. Member agrees to attend and be on time for weekly house meeting held on Sunday at that house’s slotted time (See schedule for specific house meeting time).

5. Members agree to attend five 12-step meetings each week and have a sheet signed to present at the house meeting.

6. Member acknowledges visitors are not permitted on YOUR PATH Recovery Living.  It is the member’s responsibility to inform people that this is the rule of the sober community that Members will be living in. Visitors may not park in the driveway when picking you up. They may only park in the front of the house.

If the driver is disrupting traffic, they are to park down the street. Rides must wait in a legally designated spot off of the property. 

7. Member agrees to treat others with respect, no verbal or physical abuse to yourself or anyone else.

8. Member agrees that drug/alcohol tests will be administered upon move-in and randomly thereafter.

9. All Members consent to room searches and inspection of personal property at any time.

10. Member agrees to be out of bed by 7 am and to keep bedroom clean, clothes put away, bed made, etc.

11. Member agrees to work with other Members of the community to keep the kitchen, dishes, pots, and pans clean.

12.  Member agrees there will be no gambling permitted on the property

13.  Members agree that tobacco (smoke or chew) and vapor equipment (e-cigarette) use will not be allowed in the house.  Members agree to use cigarette disposal containers outside. If a client is caught disposing of a cigarette butt anywhere besides the containers, there will be consequences.

14. Member agrees to complete assigned house chores/responsibilities daily. Checked Tues/Thurs/Sun. If not completed, write up can result. The House property should always be cleaned and clutter removed.

15. Member agrees to respect YOUR PATH Recovery Living property, inside and out.

16.  Good moral associations are to be upheld in the community as well as with our neighbors. Members shall conduct themselves accordingly.

17.  Within the 1st 30 days Member agrees to

a. Obtain a 12-step sponsor that meets Your Path guidelines.

b. Obtain a home group at a 12-step meeting and have a service position in that group.

c.  Be active in meeting the requirements of a and b.

d. Attend a 12-step meeting at least 5 days and have a sheet signed for a house meeting

18. Member understands that all fees must be paid on time in full on the first of every month or have an arrangement for payment.

19. Members will not possess any weapons i.e., knives, mace, tasers, etc. The discharge will be immediate for any violation of this rule

20. Member agrees to report any and all infractions to the Program Director.  If not reported the Member will be held accountable and subject to discharge. Members agree to abide by state and local laws (i.e., no crime, stealing, possession of stolen items, possession of contraband, drugs or alcohol.)

21.  Member agrees the pre-approval of any/all medication with Your Path Recovery Living is required.  Possession of medication (prescription and over the counter) that have not been approved will result in immediate termination.

22.  Members will not engage in any form of sexual activity with other Members of Your Path Recovery Living Community inside or outside of the Your Path Recovery Living property.

23. Member agrees that entering another Members’ bedroom is strictly prohibited unless the Member is present and/or gives permission.

24. Member agrees that overnights will not be considered for approval until after the 1st 45-days of Membership. After the 45-days, overnights will need to be approved by the Program Director at least 24 hours in advance.

25. Member may be considered to have the privilege of using his/her car after 45 days of being at YPRL.  This is contingent on member’s ability to follow the rules of YPR.  Once a member is off of restriction, this does not mean that they will automatically get access to their vehicle.  Restriction and use of a vehicle are separate.

26. Member recognizes they will be written up as needed for minor violations. Expulsion will be necessary when three write-ups occur in 2 months.

27. There is a three-four week restriction period for new house Members. Member’s responsibilities during this period include being at YPRL property, completing house assignments, partaking in household activities, 12-step work, attending eight outside 12-step meetings a week, and being with a senior house Member if leaving the property (this is permitted only when approved by Program Director). Members on restriction will not be in possession of their cell phones unless permitted by YPRL staff.

28. Restriction from wallets or money is one week and cell phones are restricted for 2 weeks upon move in date.

29.  Your Path reserves the right to revise or amend the Your Path Recovery Living Rules at any time and shall provide notice to Member of such revision or amendment.

YOUR PATH Recovery Living

Good Neighbor Policy

Members of the YOUR PATH Recovery Living will treat all neighbors with the utmost respect and consideration.  Members shall not deposit trash or cigarette butts in the streets or on neighbor’s property.  They should pick up and dispose of any trash they see lying around on the grounds or street.  Members must drive carefully at all times and be aware of posted speed limits and any children that might be in the area.  All Members must operate their car radio at low tones so as not to be heard outside the car in the neighborhood.  Members shall only park in the driveway or in front of the residence to not infringe on neighbors parking areas.  Residents are encouraged to be part of the community and required to participate in local volunteer opportunities.  Members are to be helpful in the neighborhood.